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  • Girl with Golden Hands

    Girl with Golden Hands

    Oil on Canvas
    240cm wide x 150cm high

    This work represents a personal interpretation by the artist of a Brothers Grimm story. A humble peasant girl is kidnapped by a demon, who intends to turn her to evil. When the demon fails in his goal, he returns her to her home, but out of spite cuts off her hands! The young girl grows up, and one day sneaks into the King's gardens to steal fruit. When he sees her, he instantly falls in love. They get married and the king orders golden hands to be made for her. The young couple conceive their first child. On one fateful occasion while swimming in the river, the mother saves her own son from drowning. When she comes out of the river with her son in her arms, a miracle happens, and her hands are once again flesh and blood!

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