• Alegría

              /ah - leh - gree - ah/


            (Spanish) the state of being happy

  • Alegría Latin Art is a vision for sharing the drama, colour and passion of Latin America with an international audience. It is about capturing the feeling of its people, their culture and lives through art. Through Alegría, you are immersed into the paradoxically flamboyant, fatalistic, yet carefree nature of “la vida Latina” and beyond.

Next Event:

The Lightbox, Woking

10 - 22 September 2024

The Lightbox, Chobham Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 4AA, SURREY, UK

More details to follow

Selected Works


  • Upcoming Events

    The Lightbox

    Woking, UK

    10 - 22 September 2024

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  • Past Events

    Colores de México

    London, UK

    23 - 27 April 2024

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