Joy and Happiness through Art

Alegría, meaning joy and happiness, is a vision for sharing the drama, colour and passion of Latin America with an international audience. Art brings communities together, sharing art internationally brings people closer and improves everyone's wellbeing. Through sharing, both artist and viewers are enriched. The viewer has the opportunity to learn about and experience the paradoxically flamboyant, fatalistic yet carefree nature of "la vida Latina", whilst the artist is championed and experiences the joy of having their work appreciated on an international scale.

Alegría's founder is Leticia Lopez Sanchez (the name "Leticia" also means "happiness"). Leticia was surrounded by canvases and oils from an early age. Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Leticia’s father was very active in the art world during the 1980s. She fondly remembers being captivated by the smells, the colours and the shapes of the oils from a young age, sparking a love of art which always stayed with her. Now living in England with her British husband and two daughters and after a successful career in the UK and Mexico as a Corporate Lawyer, Leticia is dedicating her time to supporting and championing artists from her home country and Latin America more widely - raising the profile of Latin art in the UK.

Photo by: Yamam Nabeel