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  • Intensidad en tus Pasiones (Intense Passion)

    Intensidad en tus Pasiones (Intense Passion)

    Oil on Canvas
    220cm wide x 145cm high

    The artist has experimented in multiple occasions with expression through monochromatic works. In this painting she represents the joy of a Calenda (a traditional festival) through movement and various shades of red.

    The Calenda festivals are a key part of the annual ‘Guelaguetza’ celebrations in Oaxaca. The festival is a joyful event where family, community and personal ties are renewed and strengthened. It is a time to open up to ourselves and our fellow human beings.

    One of the main attractions of the Calenda are the “marmots” - giant colourful puppets. They entertain with their spinning movements and bright colours that delight. These puppets are made with reed structures and paper maché heads. They are dressed in bright coloured, loose fitting clothing.

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